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1. If you take a look at the Tuesday Things category, you’ll notice the realness of my current tulip obsession. It’s embarrassing. I swear I have a life. (maybe.) I just cut ones out of my yard!

2. GUYS. Bubble tea oatmeal. Is this real life.

3. Did you get anything from the Target Marimekko release? I did not, but I’m in love with some of the outdoor things! And we’ve wanted one of those tables with the fire in the middle (I mean, I want a Restoration Hardware one, but tell me, do I need to be that much of a brat?) so tell me about them please.

4. My serious question of the day is: do they not put a resealable zipper-like thing on Snap Pea Crisps because they know that every normal person is eating the bag in one sitting? Not me though. Noooooo.

5. On being hard on yourself. I am so guilty of this (half personality, half defense mechanism, I think) and should read it everyday.

6. Did you watch GIRLS? Ummm I loved it. Like loved it so much that I’m not sure I’ve ever loved an episode this much. I usually watch for the trainwreck and with extreme annoyance but I thought these episodes were so good. I was of the belief that there was NOTHING Hannah could do to redeem herself annnnnd… she kind of did. Also that Adam and Jessa stuff. Holy crap.

7. Terrible habit I’m currently doing: lying in bed at night and reading all those hilarious instagram accounts, like texts from your ex and funny texts your mom says and all that stuff and seriously LAUGHING so hard and loud that I wake Eddie up. But I can’t stop.

8. I might tell you this story soon about how a hologram purse has reinspired me and helped me find myself again. It’s probably super first world but it’s also changing my life.