tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These passionfruit margarita pie parfaits… yes yes yes. What are you making for cinco de mayo?!

2. The whole “when it rains, it pours” thing? I’ve never seriously experienced it but in the last two weeks we had to replace our hot water tank, my computer, our TV and we still need a new fridge. What is this insanity?

3. I CANNOT get over the whole promposal thing. I read an article last week where a boy asked his date to the prom by buying her a plane ticket to Hawaii. What?! It wasn’t like that when I was in school – what started it? Was it Laguna Beach? I remember them doing it on the show. Crazy.

4. In an attempt to take this instagram photo, I wasn’t paying attention and Max shoved his hand down inside the smoothie. I had no wipes, no napkins, nothing with me. And an hour later while walking through the grocery store, I found a piece of granola on my cheek. This is horrifying.

5. Slightly odd things all book lovers do might describe me perfectly. I stay up embarrassingly late reading.

6. Umm… I’m not watching any TV right now, except for the stupid Grey’s that I can’t stay away from (I hate the Callie/Arizona storyline, stop it, just be together). OH! I am watching the Catch and still love it so much. Also, I DID watch Game of Thrones to “support” Eddie and all I gotta say is that I was not surprised. But I also live on the internet and saw so many possible spoilers.

7. On suffering from professional envy: I love this line: “envy is the death of learning.” So good! So true.

8. Speaking of that! Super excited to tell you that I’m part of the food entrepreneur summit that Nicole is holding. Oh my gosh. There is SO much info packed into this and my session is about how to avoid the comparison trap and continue to create content when you’re in a rut. More coming soon.

9. Best dressed at the Met Ball?? Go! I liked Emma Watson and Cindy Crawford. And Blake Lively!