tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. If you follow me on instagram then you know that this was my trying-my-hardest-not-to-eat-my-moms-strawberry-pretzel-jello Monday afternoon snack attack. I’m obsessed. Dark chocolate + coconut oil, dipped kiwis and flaked coconut.

2. Going totally crazy over these overnight oats. That GIF is so enticing!

3. Inquiring minds need to know: do you prefer having Friday off? Or Monday off? I’m a very big Friday-off person. The new week always starts on Monday for me, no matter what.

4. I really wonder if someday I’ll be 62 and still loving neon and unicorns. I try to stop but then… I just love that bright, glittery junk. I AM WHO I AM.

5. TV things I’m currently watching: Grey’s (and OMG did you see the hinted preview for this coming week? The Mere-Alex storyline was NOT in my head, even if it’s just a stupid tease), The Catch and Nashville. Only one I’m really loving is The Catch even if it makes me want to binge on Parenthood again. I’m embarrassingly looking forward to Mistresses which I will DVR and watch in humiliation at midnight while editing photos and eating m&ms.

6. I have the new Justin Timberlake song on repeat and NO it’s not because it’s from the Trolls movie. I love him so much.

7. Bath and Body Works bringing back their throwback scents again- what scent was your childhood? I was all about Country Apple and Cucumber Melon. I can even still smell their alcoholy-scented sprays. After that though I REALLY grew up and moved on to Amber Romance and Lovespell from Victoria’s Secret, which is what I wore all through high school. Sometimes I still walk in there and smell the lotions to get my own mental throwback.

8. Underrated Trader Joe’s favorites… the only one I’ve tried is the greek froyo and Eddie and I used to cover it in fruit. Maybe I should buy it again for smoothies?