tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. To me, peonies look the prettiest before they open up. Truth.

2. Sweet, spicy AND salty coconut margaritas? Sign me up.

3. Thoughts on the new instagram logo? I know most people hate it, but of course my pink-adoring, neon-loving, 90s Lisa Frank inside freak LOVES it. I think it’s super cool. And I like the update too – the minimalist look makes all the photos stand out so much. Probably not a popular opinion?

4. You know what makes my skin crawl though? The whole Dr. Pimple Popper thing. No. No. NO. I just can’t. But I know some people get weird gratification out of it. Are you one of them? I want to throw up. But it’s okay, that’s probably how you feel about neon, so we’re even.

5. Soooo how much would your favorite TV apartment cost today?! I’m still on the Carrie Bradshaw train. I mean, TWO doors into her bathroom!

6. Speaking of TV! Yes, I am sad that Nashville was cancelled but I seriously thought it would be cancelled the last two years. I loathe loathe loathe the storyline right now. What did you think of the Scandal finale? I’m excited about The Catch finale too! And like I usually do in the spring, I’m ready to binge on The Affair again.

7. I’ve hit this point in my life where if I have one extra glass of wine at night? I toss and turn the entire night. It’s like I’m now 87 years old.

8. Ryan Reynolds on parenting. It’s real! Also, can we talk about how incredible Blake Lively looked in the blue dress last week?!

9. Okay! So I have a new plan for my herbs this year. Last year they did great in pots, but it was sort of an eyesore (to me) and I want lots of different herbs. I had nine different herbs but they were very crowded. I cook a TON with fresh herbs so want even more variation this year. And I want one of these stand up planter things that isn’t a million dollars. Nope, building one isn’t an option (we are not the “handy” type AT ALL) – seriously, doesn’t matter how easy it is. Do I just bite the bullet and get it? Have you had one?

10. I love you majorly. Thank you SO much for being here. I appreciate it like nobody’s business.