tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Um I am absolutely making this honey mustard chicken, bacon and avocado salad. !!!!

2. Did you see Britney perform at the Billboard music awards? I mean, she wasn’t singing (right?! or am I wrong?) but she is still Britney and amazing. I like the Britney for president campaign. PLEASE.

3. THIS is am awesome read on Britney and so true. Definitely been listening to her on spotify all week.

4. I do this weird thing where I NEED the house to be clean and clutter free on Friday for the weekend. I feel like most people are the opposite and want it cleaner for the week ahead. Odd?

5. Your go-to iced coffee or tea beverage? Tell me!

6. What the heck, Grey’s Anatomy? I kind of hated the ending. The Catch ending was cute though! Oooh and you know what I’m really excited for?! Bloodline to come back. Hoping Eddie and I can binge on a few episodes this weekend.

7. This should come as no shock, but who else is dying over all of the outdoor decor and patio/deck furniture at Target? Seriously, WHAT is in the air there that hooks me every time?

8. Four ways to stop procrastinating. Um, hello, this was written for me.

9. Thank you all so much for your herb planter ideas last week! I got one and herbs and tomatoes and peppers are going in this week… I’ll probably snap the heck out of it.