tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. On Sunday I ate what felt like a pound of sour patch kids. My tongue still hurts.

2. Super in love with this summer bliss juice. And no, it’s not wine.

3. Please tell me that you’ve watched Blake Shelton try sushi. I laughed so hard.

4. So. I made us amazing breakfast on Sunday morning and had saved my favorite bite for last. I went to do a few things and snap a pic while Max was eating in his high chair – all in the same room, mind you – came back to take one more bite and my breakfast was GONE. Eddie’s like “oh I threw it away, it looked like you were finished.” Um, this is coming from the person who let Max’s uneaten Saturday morning breakfast sit on the counter for 12 hours. Clearly I’m still not over it. THE PERFECT BITE.

5. Do you use packing cubes? Are they life changing? I’m considering it and wondering if it would be wonderful (and extra wonderful with a kid) or just no biggie. I’m very much of a throw-everything-in-a-mess packer (folded, of course) and I overpack times forty. Please help.

6. As a major lover of putting pen to paper, I love these benefits of writing by hand.

7. BLOODLINE is back! Okay so we are only about five episodes in but I was afraid it wouldn’t be as good… and I definitely think it IS! Maybe it goes downhill from here but I’m excited about it. And I’m glad that Mistresses is back because I loooove my non-reality trash TV. Aside from that the only thing on our TV is playoff hockey.

8. 50 outdoor dates that are awesome for summer. Love this!

9. I’m craving old-school fruit pizza like whoa. I think it’s an almost-June thing.

10. Favorite brand of rosé?! Go! I’m really liking Minuty right now.