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Since we’re halfway through June (WHAT), I want to know what you’re doing to make your (now almost) summer completely and totally awesome. That sounds like something that Zack Morris would say but that’s okay, I’m curious! We are doing lots of chalk coloring, playing with tons of water outside, swimming and drenching ourselves in homemade popsicles (and staining some of our favorite outfits, whomp whomp).

I am LOVING this season right now. We have such a fun weekend planned! This entire week has just been great – and I’m dying to know if you’re read Here’s to Us yet or tried the recipes!

Plus, with the Pens winning the Stanley Cup last week and the U.S. Open here in town, everyone is just in a wonderful mood. Goal: find a sprinkle ice cream cone.

What are you up to this weekend?! P.S. you can find a video on my favorite cherry tomato zoodle recipe right HERE! I’d love if you’d follow along on instagram, pinterest and facebook. xoxoxo

internet faves of the week:

how adorable are these turkey sandwich skewers?! so fun!

these zucchini chickpea fritters with smoked salmon look incredible.

the weekend calls for a stunning island sunrise.

vegan mint chip nice cream. it’s all i want.

always in the mood for chilaquiles.

completely dying for a korean BBQ rice bowl.

blasting this party like it’s your birthday playlist. even though it’s not MY birthday.

blackberry hibiscus cooler: get it.

what’s fantastic? avocado toast with marinated chickpeas!

one stunning california style bison burger.

the best brownie to ever exist in the history of ever.