tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. FINALLY. The bacon and avocado emojis are coming!

2. See also: why I’m terrified of using the taco emoji, eggplant emoji, peach emoji. What if they do something terrible with the bacon emoji? Whyyyyyyyy.

3. Whaaaat. This chocolate peanut butter cheesecake CAKE is calling my name. LOOK at that. Ugh.

4. I had a very serious obsession with Nike Shox about ten years ago. Remember how cool they were? Were you a shoxaholic?!

5. There is such a thing as glitter chalk and I might have bought it because “Max” realllly wanted it.

6. We finished Bloodline!! GAH. We both still think it is such a fabulous show even though every review I find online keeps trashing it. I think it is excellent TV, but I also DVRed Mistresses last night soooo there’s that. But the storyline was so great, the ending was crazy and I seriously hope they keep a certain character in next year because he is still my favorite.

7. Speaking of… could you give up TV for a month and change your life?!

8. Like seven times last week I spelled strawberries “STRAWBERRYS.” I hate myself and the internet forever. Pretty sure I did this before and even wrote about it.

9. These pictures for color lovers? I’m dying!

10. I’m absolutely LOVING connecting with your guys in the food entrepreneur summit masterclass. Nicole just reopened registration (it closed after early bird) and if you go for it, it’s 20 masterclass videos, 22 speakers, PDF worksheets and a private facebook group that we are all talking in nonstop. It’s awesome.