tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. If you haven’t put a potato chip on your sandwich yet this summer, what are you waiting for?

2. Oh my gosh. The caesar snacker cocktail. I can’t handle it!

3. All I want to make for the rest of the summer is rainbow food. Like naturally-colored rainbow food. Let’s call it the unicorn diet.

4. Current TV watching? So, I started watching the new season of Orange is the New Black. Ummm… I’m three episodes in and feel like basically nothing has happened? It’s really boring me this year. And slow this time around. Is it just me? I don’t even want to watch another episode! What’s up with that.

5. AH. The forever question. Big or Aiden? My younger, cooler 20-something self would have said Big, because I was all about the unforbidden love and the chase and the drama. But now I’d probably say Aiden. Because I know what it means.

6. Seriously lusting over the world’s coolest offices.

7. I have a ton (like a TON) of lemon balm. What should I do with it?!

8. The only reason to look back. Love.

9. What ways are you making summer count?! I’m making a list of exactly what I’d like our summer days to look like and I’m going to try to make as much as I can happen. For starters, I want to eat dinner outside every night if we can. Lofty, wild goals here.