It’s a revelation: ICE CREAM CREAMER.

cold brew coffee soda floats I

Can we make this a thing?

But wait, first, remember when I used to hate coffee? I am so glad I forced it on myself so I could be cool like you guys. Now we can go to coffee shops and hang out and drink it! Or stare at our phones while simultaneously holding exciting conversation. Is that an oxymoronic idea?

cold brew coffee soda floats I

I’ve been dying to make some coffee soda after my friend Cindy shared this kahlua coffee soda back in June. Ugh! Do you see how fabulous that looks? I wish I had it in front of me right now like no other.

So! I wanted to try a version out for myself. I made some cold brew and let it sit for about 24 hours. But right before pouring it over crushed ice, I added in 2 shots of espresso (just made from my nespresso) so it was extra strong. I didn’t want it to be totally watered down and I also haven’t slept in roughly 570 days, give or take a few. It was necessary.

cold brew coffee soda floats I

Also, since I knew that some soda was going to make it’s way in that glass, it needed to be jolt-your-socks-off strong. Bingo.

And then! A big fat scoop of ice cream right on top.




Living and dying for this coffee with ice cream creamer at the moment. I wish that I could have it in my coffee every single morning. I probably could right? I mean, I guess if I wanted to forgo every other indulgence throughout the week. And it might just lead to an ice cream cone for second breakfast?

cold brew coffee soda floats I

But I see zero problem with that.

cold brew coffee soda floats I

On the top: some melted chocolate + coconut oil drizzle for some extra fanciness. A few toasted coconut shreds because I can’t stop. The coffee is so cold that the ice cream doesn’t melt quickly, so you can scoop those coconut crusted ice cream spoon bites right from the top. Then push the ice cream down and swirl it all around.

And drink four of them. Oops?

cold brew coffee soda floats I

Cold Brew Coffee Soda Float

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  • 1 cup coarsely ground coffee beans
  • 5 cups filtered water, this made a HUGE difference in how I liked iced coffee at home!
  • regular, crushed, if you want it ice or coffee ice cubes
  • 2 shots espresso, for one drink, more for other drinks
  • 1/4 cup club soda, for one drink, more for other drinks
  • 1/4 cup vanilla ice cream, for one drink, more for other drinks
  • melted chocolate for drizzling, if desired
  • toasted coconut for topping, if desired


  • To make the cold brew, add the grounds to a large bowl or pitcher/container/jar. Add the water and stir to mix. Let this mixture sit overnight in the fridge. I have heard both ways: at room temperature and overnight. I prefer it from the fridge. (Also as a note, sometimes I made this in my french press too. I just don’t have a huge one.)
  • The next morning, strain the coffee through a few layers of cheesecloth or a coffee filter. It’s key to reduce the granules.
  • Fill a glass with crushed ice or coffee ice cubes (or omg, mind blown – crushed coffee ice cubes?) and pour your cold brew overtop, a little more than halfway. Add in the two shots of espresso. Add in the club soda and stir. Taste and see if it’s bubbly enough for you – if not, add a touch more!
  • Scoop the ice cream on top and slightly push it down into the cold brew. At this point, you can drink it like this or swirl the ice cream until it melts. Or you can drizzle on a little chocolate and sprinkle some coconut!


[inspired by hungry girl por vida]

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I appreciate you so much!

cold brew coffee soda floats I

Ooooh I love you.