currently crushing on I


Ummm can you tell from all of my recent crushing on photos that I’m majorly craving a beach trip? I can’t wait until we go on vacation and am counting down the days! If you guys are traveling this summer, where are you headed? Or where have you already been?

We have a fun weekend planned with a little road trip and probably one too many acai bowls. Follow on instagram and snapchat (howsweeteats) to see more! xoxoxo

In the meantime, I’m losing my mind over:

my perfect dinner: mix and match summer crostini bar.

vegan chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwiches. these are gorgeous.

so freaking excited about this coloring cookbook!

coconut butter dipped strawberries with pistachio dust. flipping over these.

craving a bowl of these cold spicy kimchi noodles.

soooo how do we think eddie will feel if i do this to our mailbox?

s’mores coconut mocha. can my coffee look like this every morning?

a lovely blueberry caprese salad. i’m up for it.

this fresh peach daiquiri sounds incredible.

match spaghetti with chili and cheese. are you serious clark?!

love this simple tomato, cucumber and avocado salad.

painkiller cocktail pops. YES.

also absolutely enamored with these baileys cookies and cream pops.