Um yes. You heard me correctly.

how to make homemade nutella soft serve I

Nutella soft serve.

NUTELLA soft serve.


Made in your kitchen. At your home. By yourself. With all of your own things. And no dry ice!

Oh yeah, and Nutella dipped cones. With neon spraaankles.

how to make homemade nutella soft serve I

Okay so here’s the deal. You might remember last summer when I LOST MY MIND over this mascarpone soft serve that Mandy from Lady and Pups posted. It is quite possibly my most favorite food photo to ever grace the internet, but that’s neither here nor there. The recipe is to die for.

I love mascarpone.

I don’t have a soft serve machine. The reviews are always so… MEH… that I can’t bite the bullet.

I don’t want to burn my face off with dry ice. Or deal with it because I’m lazy.

To be honest, I’m actually extremely angry at the moment that this recipe is not in my face. That it’s all gone. That we ate it all.  I just want to eat it again. Forever!

So I based the Nutella soft serve off of Mandy’s and changed the recipe only ever so slightly. I kept the mascarpone because I use it frequently in ice cream anyway and find it adds the most fabulous creaminess. It is SO good.

how to make homemade nutella soft serve I

The thing is that this isn’t as easily meltable as it looks – I mean, it totally IS, it is similar to regular soft serve. But it’s manageable to make and serve to others. It was a struggle to photograph, but that’s a whole different ball game, and I just want you to know that it’s certainly doable on a hot summer night. I should have had a team of five people here to pipe it out and hold the cones and make the cones all pretty and what not. These photos here are all I was able to salvage, but since I’m probably going to make this for the third time this weekend, I might go ahead and add more.

To make the swirl, I scooped mine into a piping bag. It’s not necessary unless you’re a millennial food blogger who thrives off of comments that people leave her on the internet. Otherwise, YOU’RE GOOD. It doesn’t change the taste.

But really. Nutella soft serve. !!!!

how to make homemade nutella soft serve I

Nutella Soft Serve

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  • Place the whole milk and condensed milk in a saucepan and heat over medium heat. Once it’s warm and bubbling along the edges, sprinkle the gelatin over top and let it sit for a minute. Whisk until the gelatin dissolves, then remove the mixture from the heat.
  • Whisk in the mascarpone cheese, nutella and salt until completely melted and combined. Mandy recommends an immersion blender here, but I really loathe my immersion blender so I just continued to whisk and it worked out perfectly.
  • Pour the mixture into a baking dish (9-inch square works well) and freeze for at least 6 to 8 hours or overnight.
  • Right before serving, slice the mixture into cubes. Place half of the cubes in the food processor and pulse until they begin to break down, then turn the processor on and blend until creamy and smooth. If you’ve made banana soft serve with frozen bananas, it’s just like that. At this point the ice cream will be slightly melty, so you can pop it back in the fridge or serve it with a spoon, or place it in a piping bag and pipe into cones! Repeat with the remaining cubes and do the same.
  • If desired, dip your cones into melted nutella and sprinkles before serving. You can do it ahead of time and stick the cones in the fridge too.


[slightly adapted from lady and pups]

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I appreciate you so much!

how to make homemade nutella soft serve I

p.s. remember when I hated Nutella? Thank god that’s over.