tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Really can’t wait to make this homemade chocolate coconut milk. Obsession.

2. My emoji use has hit an all-time low, as last week I spent about two full minutes searching for the emoji I wanted to use instead of typing out the word. Which probably would have taken seven seconds. I.am.the.worst.

3. 5 pro tips to beat procrastination. Yes. This is me. I need it. But real talk – how can you be a pro at procrastination AND give tips to beat it?! Riddle me that.

4. Thoughts on the donut ice cream sandwich thing? I’m not into it. I need my sandwich cookies to be more dense and chewy.

5. TV! I’m not watching ANYTHING. I’m so annoyed that Masters of Sex is pushed until September. We did watch Roadies on Showtime and both felt… meh… about it. I might just do a big Friday Night Lights binge. Or The Americans. I may as well just do Felicity then too. See ya in a month.

6. I know it’s not new but I really LOATHE the instagram algorithm update. Speaking as a user, as someone who likes to look at other people’s photos. It makes me batty. I want everything in chronological order. Whyyyyyy.

7. My biggest success of 2016 will be converting Eddie into a crazy Target shopper. He might go more than I do these days, even if it is just to buy toys for Max that he can’t even play with for four more years. Cue eye roll.

8. Whatcha reading at the moment? I just finished Emily Giffin’s newest (and liked it) and feel like I’m finally at a point where I’m no longer too ridiculously sleep deprived to read before bed. Well, that’s not true, I’m just used to the deprivation. SO bring on the books!

9. How sacrilegious would it be to throw leftover pie in a milkshake today… as opposed to… eating it? I may be desperate.