tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I HAVE to try this black ice cream. Look at that! So cool.

2. Definitely didn’t stand in the school supply aisle at Target searching for something I *might* need. Nope. Definitely not.

3. Contrary to popular belief, I really don’t want to be 17 again but wait, yes I do, just so I can wear Lisa Frank’s clothing line. Whyyyyyy didn’t this exist when I was a teen.

4. Dying over these 80 year olds who recreated T Swift’s Shake it Off video. I want to be them.

5. Okay you guys have convinced me to watch Stranger Things. Starting it this week. We are still watching The Night Of along with Ballers (I need that mind numbing show after The Night Of) annnnd I might be doing a little re-binge of the West Wing.

6. Last week I made PURPLE(!!!) cauliflower pizza crust. Now I just want all of my food to be pretty and purple.

7. We have super huge, super scary (of course) hawks all over our neighborhood and I’m pretty sure they keep killing baby birds in nests, which then end up on our driveway. I’ve almost stepped on them every time and then I (of course) have a basic major freak out. Can this be stopped or do I have to chalk it up to the food chain?

8. Did you find anything excellent at the Nordstrom sale?! I bought Max a few (too many) things, I bought some boot(ies), a jacket and a bag that I don’t think I like I much as I thought I did. Share please!

9. Not sure I can stop multitasking anytime soon, but I sort of wish I could like this. Terribly addicted to my phone would probably describe me well.