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HI! We are venturing home from vacation today (saddest face ever) and I’m being a whiny brat about it. I hate to leeeeave. Growing up, this trip signaled the end of summer and the start of school. While summer won’t be ending for me for another month, I miiight buy some school supplies and fall candle to feel a little better?

What are you up to this weekend?! I’ve been totally out of the loop all week!

AND. Here’s a video peek at how I make my most favorite kale caesar salad with greek yogurt dressing. We eat this at least once a week! And another video of my favorite summer skillet gnocchi!

faves of the week:

fruit loops french toast!!!!! this is a thing.

how absolutely stunning are these peach tostadas?

guys. this rainbow cake. this rainbow cake!!

adorable blueberry blackberry turnovers.

zucchini and feta pizza for all!

brilliance is a cheddar snow brunch cake.

on my menu this week is a strawberry and herbed rice salad.

freshly squeezed mimosa cupcakes. oh heck yes.

loving the sound of this arugula and pickled radish salad.

a spicy peach rosé granita. wow wow wow.

the prettiest little blueberry almond tea cake.

always craving some avocado, tomato and goat cheese toast!

copycat krispy kreme donuts. is this real life?

perfect slow cooker BBQ spare ribs!

finish off summer with these roasted peach and salted caramel pops.