tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. The sushi burrito still scares me. There I said it. But I’m SUPER into this pokeritto!

2. Last year I wrote about hating iMessage on my macbook, and now I’m so conditioned to using it that when someone doesn’t have an iPhone and I actually have to text FROM my phone and not my computer? I’m annoyed. The worst kind of millennial is me.

3. Facebook is killing me with the Olympic winner spoilers. I’m not actively searching the winners out but if I even bring up Facebook to post something for the blog, I inevitably see something! Killing me smalls.

4. Speaking of, we aren’t watching anything on TV right now except for the Olympics. Eeeep! The gymnastics excites me like no other (omg, except for that horrific leg break, did you see it?!), I’m hooked on swimming and diving, love it all so much. The talent and passion are incredibly motivating.

5. Six habits of champions. Hello, I’m a self help addict.

6. I am absolutely one of those people who wants all notifications off their phone at all times.  If I have a text, it has to be read. All emails must be cleared. (< yeah, right.) This does not bode well for instagram stories + productivity.

7. What your go-to candy says about you. This made me giggle – but mine (snickers) is hilariously accurate. WEIRD.

8. Guys! My tomato plants are just not sticking it out this year. The leaves are now turning yellow – what does that even mean? Too much water? Too much sun? Plants just hate me?