tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. How do you take your s’mores? My marshmallow must be flaming and charred. The more carcinogenic, the better.

2. This chicken avocado caprese salad is the best salad I’ve ever seen.

3. I’m absolutely HORRIBLE at keeping my computer(s) organized. I bought a new Macbook a few months ago and swore up and down that it wouldn’t become the black hole mess of photos that every other computer has. I do back things up multiple times but I never delete or organize on the actual computer. Give me a system!

4. I ended up walking by some of the Lisa Frank clothing line in Macy’s. My inner 9-year old completely died. I mean I want to wear it but as a tween. Not as a thirty-something. Whomp whomp.

5. Whyyyy do I need to jump through hoops to unsubscribe to a sales email? Nooo I did not “accidentally” hit the unsubscribe button and I’m trying to save my wallet from you, Pottery Barn.

6. Very much loving this 5-hour workday concept.

7. I felt so, so old watching the VMA’s – at least most of the time. Who were the two guys behind a desk hosting it? Who was performing? I knew no one! Besides Beyonce… and Britney… and..

8. This quick podcast describes exactly how I feel about the seasons. I’m so not ready for summer to end but then I look through one magazine or see a pretty scarf at anthro and 34 minutes later it’s like hello! I’m ready for you fall!