At the end of last summer, I got suuuper into micheladas.

my favorite michelada recipe I

Like, the very end and super into. Which is crazy! I don’t even like tomato stuff in my drinks. I want to be cool and drink those fantastic bloody marys garnished with bacon and cheeseburgers and pickles out the wazoo, but I just can’t do it. Whyyy world why.

my favorite michelada recipe I

You know that it stems from my lack of love for tomato sauce or tomato-based recipes, but sometimes they

So I have no idea where the michelada love came in last year.

It’s the lime! And the ice cold beer. And the flavors. And perhaps the guac and spicy peanuts on the side? The combo just screams happy hour and tastes so freaking good.

my favorite michelada recipe I

I almost went this entire summer without sharing one of my favorite drinks and I know – it’s LATE. But we still have at least one big party weekend left (helllllo Labor Day) with pools and sunshine and cocktails and refreshing drinks. And I mean, who says this HAS to be a summer drink? I think it’s an ideal brunch cocktail no matter what the season.

my favorite michelada recipe I

Also, can we talk about this sweet heat Cajun snack mix from Target? This, along with the Tex Mex one? I shouldn’t even be allowed to have them in my house. I find them to be incredibly addictive. The sweet, the savory, the spicy, the crunchy.

Ugh. It’s just so wonderful, especially with any sort of beer. Archer Farms, will you marry me?

my favorite michelada recipe I

Nuts aside, here is exactly how I like my michelada. First of all, preferably in the hot sun near a swimming pool and one of those hugely obnoxious swan pool floats. Can you even BE a millennial and not have or want one of those things?

The answer is no.

But anyhoo. I like an almost half and half ratio of beer to tomato juice… and I actually use CLAMATO juice.

It’s a terrible name. It makes me cringe. But it speaks to me. And that’s why I ended up loving a michelada. Thank you, clamato!

my favorite michelada recipe I

A touch more beer than clamato – and freshly squeezed lime juice. A dash of maggi seasoning (or soy sauce, but the maggi is SO good!), worcestershire (which I normally don’t love), a teeeeeeny drop of hot sauce and lots of chili salt on the rim.

I’m suddenly becoming extremely depressed that summer is on it’s way out.

my favorite michelada recipe I

I certainly think you can carry these into the fall though. Maybe try a pumpkin beer even though in saying that, the entire internet might want me to walk the plank? Could be worth it though.

my favorite michelada recipe I

My Favorite Micheladas

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  • Mix the salt and chili powder together on a plate. Rim the edge of the glasses with a lime wedge, then dip in the salt and cover the rim.
  • Fill the glasses with ice. Divide the clamato juice into the glasses evenly. Add the lime juice and worcestershire sauce to each glass. Fill each glass with the beer. Add a drop of hot sauce and maggi sauce, then stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve immediately.


[slightly adapted from bon appetit]

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I appreciate you so much!

my favorite michelada recipe I

Don’t dare forget the guac.