tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Completely dying over this article where a guy documents his first week of work at Target. Ha!

2. Isn’t this watermelon poke just the cutest?!

3. Something I can’t get down with: the avocado bun. Like, using the avocado as the bun for your sandwich. I get the portobello bun. There is some texture and stuff. But won’t I just squish the entire thing if I use an avocado? It’s pretty but can’t happen, right?

4. I hate socks. I mean, I don’t HATE them. I wear them, but the only thing grosser than not wearing socks with shoes that necessitate socks is… nothing. Curling up in a robe and fluffy socks? No. Not into to. Not relaxing. Not even in winter.

5. So glad I’m not the only adult woman whos talks to their mother three times a day.

6. You know what I love better than pumpkin season? APPLE CIDER SEASON.

7. There is officially nothing I want to watch on TV and even over the weekend, Eddie and I couldn’t find anything we watched to binge on. So I rewatched The Affair AND Masters of Sex in anticipation for new seasons. And read like a fiend.

8. I knew that I wasn’t a to-do list freak for nothing!

9. Any Nikon users that have switched to Canon and love it? I’m considering switching (perhaps only out of boredom?) but want the deets! I’ve shot with Nikon since I started my blog – forever ago.

10. P.S. More on this later, but I’m looking to hire someone to do a bit of video freelance work, so if you’re into it and love to eat, send me an email! (howsweeteats at gmail, heeeey)