tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I have decided that I like the whole rolled ice cream concept with fruit only and not chocolate or peanut butter or caramel or whatever. Thinking this probably makes me 95 years old inside.

2. Um, mini pizza COOKIES?! Where has this idea been all my life?

3. In a major first world problem last week, I had an aisle seat on the plane and there was a stunning sunset out the window AND a rainbow. A freaking rainbow!! Outside of a plane! Like, in way up high sky. Hello, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Instagram pic. You can imagine my stress since I was unable to get a photo of said rainbow + sunset in the sky. Blogger’s worth nightmare? I think so.

4. That got me to thinking: what do you think the chances are that you fly on a plane with someone you don’t know, twice? Or multiple times? Because I SWEAR I saw someone that I recognized from a flight two years ago. It’s a long story.

5. Oh my gosh. these incredible life lessons by Anthony Bourdain. So good.

6. I’ve been drinking my coffee with no sweetener at all lately (mostly because it makes me feel like death, something about the caffeine + sugar + dairy is just NO, especially in the afternoon) but after three weeks I still MISS it! Because I still want my coffee to taste like ice cream. So what’s your favorite daily coffee order? Halllp me. Now that I’ve got myself addicted.

7. Eeeep I am getting SO into Masters of Sex, I loved the few twists it took this week. I definitely feel like I’m the only one watching it though. Did you see previews for the The Affair? It fast forwards THREE years after last year’s finale. Wah.

8. I’m big on brainstorming by myself but also in a team, and love these tips on how to do it better. That’s how I come up with all of my recipe ideas.

9. You know, just to follow up on my Tom Hanks obsession from last week. WHY COULDN’T THIS BE ME.