tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Whoa whoa whoa how incredible is this apple pistachio tart? Stunning!

2. I can’t stop listening to the Weeknd’s song, Starboy. I just freaking love the beat!

3. We are officially going to be redoing our kitchen (no, I mean, WE aren’t doing it ourselves, 1. we don’t know how and 2. that would be an excellent recipe for divorce) and I’m terrified. Like it’s going to be the worst experience in the universe while it’s happening, correct?

4. I’ve always been a huuuuge magazine junkie but since Max was born, I haven’t been able to go through as many and have let a lot of subscriptions lapse. My favorites that I’ve got for years are Donny Hay, Delicious, Food and Wine and Bon Appetit but may switch it up with the last two. What are your faves?!

5. Every year I talk about how I don’t enjoy Halloween (I really just don’t love dressing up), BUT. I am thinking maaayyyybe this is a good time to get those Lisa Frank clothes that I’m way way way too old to buy.

6. Okay, was this not theeee BEST Masters of Sex episode of all time?! There were so many surprises and it made me fall in love again with the show. Michael Sheen’s expressions were perfect. Libby is amazing. I wanted to punch Virginia in the face at the end. Eeeep. Thoughts?

7. This is what happens when women dump out their bags. Otherwise known as the creepiest, most fascinating thing ever.

8. When I was a kid, we went to pick out pumpkins and do fall-like festival things ONE day out of the year. Now, in this world of excess, Eddie and I aim to go to a fall festival every single weekend. Basic.

9. Where did “basic” even originate because I absolutely hate it. I mean, I use it, (I’m sure because I’m a desperate attention-seeking millennial), but seriously every single thing I love is considered basic. Except for Uggs. I don’t love Uggs. Other than in the privacy of my own home.

10. Last week Eddie and I shared a box of annie’s mac and cheese for the first time in for.ev.er (sandlot style) and he was mildly horrified when I crushed up potato chips and put them on top. My dad taught us that trick when we were on vacation in Boyne City at my great grandma’s house like 20 years ago and it’s delicious. Which is crazy because I normally don’t care about chips. But it’s SO good. Does anyone else do this trickery? Eddie thinks I’m insane.

11. Raise your hand if you need to train your brain to be more patient. See also: remove the internet from the universe.