tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Being an adult is absolutely no fun because now instead of running and jumping into a pile of leaves, I’m terrified of what can be found inside or underneath them.

2. This apple cinnamon loaf looks out of this world.

3. When the debate turns into Dirty Dancing. This made my morning.

4. Okay, have you guys watched This Is Us?! OH MY GOSH. New favorite show alert. I love it so much. I also like bawled me eyes out twice. And Masters of Sex this past week was soooo good. Finally!! I can’t wait to see what happens (and I freaking love Libby) but hope this isn’t the last season.

5. Thoughts on the new Bruno Mars song? I looooove him. I didn’t even like the song at first then listened to it 37 times in a row.

6. Speaking of that, I’m the queen of messing up song lyrics (maybe because I’m an old lady – the worst was T Swift’s “starbucks lovers”) and definitely thought the lyrics to Starving were “don’t need no butterflies when you give me the damn FLU.” I’m like, WHYYY would someone want the flu? Learned that it was ZOO. Not flu. Waahhhh.

7. See, because of this, I’ve developed such a personal relationship with google that I actually type things like “how do i use one of those huge memory cards” into the search bar. I don’t even ask regular people questions anymore and apparently find it appropriate to rely on solutions from random 13 year olds on q+a sites.

8. Yesterday Eddie and I celebrated eight years of marriage and one of my first thoughts was “oh! we made it through the seven year itch!” Ha. I remember being scared when we got married of the idea of the seven year itch. Ohhh my twenty something self.

9. Love this article on overcoming self limiting beliefs. Tons of you email me all the time about starting your own business and I think these tips are magic

10. I’d love to do Project Life (so many have you have recommended this to me!) but it seems so overwhelming because I have so.many.photos. And scrapbooking of any kind makes me itchy. How to do this in a not-so-time-consuming manner?