tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. That is pumpkin creme brûlée. In a pumpkin. The cutest! I need to recreate this for Thanksgiving right?

2. Why are sock booties a thing? I just cannot.

3. Moscow Mules made from scratch with ginger beer concentrate. I can’t wait to do this.

4. Last night I thought i was being SUPER cool by passing out glow sticks with candy for trick or treaters. Um, every kid that came to our house already had like 17 glow sticks. I’m so out of touch.

5. The Walking Dead was sooo boring to me but I needed it after last week. I seriously can only watch by peeking through my hands that are covering my face. Masters of Sex made me so happy but I hate that I know the real life story, so it makes it less enjoyable. I’m definitely still the only one watching right? And I’m so freaking excited for The Affair to come back on in a couple of weeks.

6. I will forever love Ina.

7. Friendsgiving. Are you doing it? What are you making? For me, Friendsgiving is the time to make crazy, untraditional dishes and Thanksgiving Day is the time to keep it classic.

8. Speaking of, I absolutely want this to be my centerpiece. OMG. Not classic.

9. November 1: are you the crazy person listening to Christmas music? I won’t decorate until after Thanksgiving, but I looooove me some Christmas music. Here’s my favorite holiday playlist if you would like to partake.