tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Living for iced eggnog lattes. Don’t worry, mine is coming soon.

2. One way I might eat broccoli: three cheese broccoli soup!

3. Must have been feeling ridiculously ambitious this weekend because I made a PIE. With pie crust toppings. Then I didn’t let anyone touch it for over 24 hours so I could look at it’s beauty.

4. Flocked artificial Christmas trees! Do you have one? I want one. Where to get it? I want one that looks super snowy.

5. What did you think of the Masters of Sex finale?! I thought it was rushed, predictable, left lots to be desired but at the same time I sort of liked it. Definitely felt like the end of the show though. How insanely psychotic and wonderful is Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead? Nutcase city. And Divorce! Eddie and I laugh our way through the entire episode each week.

6. I’ve found myself developing a horrible habit of staying up waaaay too late. It’s mainly to get work done and there isn’t quite a way around that, but after the work, it’s like I need to decompress and I just end up looking at stupid internet things for an embarrassing amount of time. TELL ME HOW TO STOP.

7. The ultimate would-you-rather for 90s girls. Gosh. Every summer I wanted a neon hair wrap.

8. I went into college as a history major, solely because I had a fascination with all things american presidential history. I quickly switched majors (… for the first time…) because I didn’t want to do anything with that fascination other than watch the West Wing, but I think it will be so interesting to be a student 25 years from now and learn about the events of this past week. I’m envisioning sitting in my high school history class.

9. It’s gift guide week! Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t, but I don’t mind the hustle and bustle whatsoever – in fact, I LOVE IT. When I worked retail, my favorite time to work was between Thanksgiving and Christmas. May be one of the only people who actually find it fun.

10. I did a podcast for food blogger pro allll about my blogging life and you can find it right here.