tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. How about this pumpkin layer cake with eggnog buttercream?! It’s only the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

2. Um, my cookies? Don’t they look delicious up there? Well… they were. Until I baked them. I grabbed a round pizza sheet and even though it was clean, my cookies ended up tasting like garlicky pizza. Not joking and I didn’t even say anything until Saturday after everyone had eaten multiples.

3. I recently went to The Container Store for the first time and let’s just say that my life is basically over.

4. The Affair! Eeep. So glad to see Pacey back. A little devastated for Allison but still going back and forth between hate and love for her. How boring was the Walking Dead? I mean, yeah, I get that this is how the story needs to be told but I am so sick of them ripping people’s hearts out in a huge episode then doing NOTHING (seriously nothing) for like seven episodes after. Just no.

5. Secrets of the most productive people. OMG. This is gold. I love reading others’ schedules!

6. UGH guys. So I filmed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning of my Thanksgiving prep and then I dropped seven gallons of brine on my kitchen floor and it threw me for a loop. I didn’t film ANYTHING after that, I was so flustered! Do I post only two days of my Thanksgiving prep vlog… or do I do a Christmas home tour instead?! I’m leaning towards the latter because it would make no sense to show the few things I did to prep and absolutely no final result! I’m the worst.

7. I ordered my 2017 Day Designer this past week and am sticking with it through next year. It’s just the BEST planner. I plan on keeping up with my bullet journal too, but am afraid I won’t have as much time to be creative on that in the beginning of the year when I’m working my face off with the cookbook. BUT I’m thinking a little bullet journal series here…

8. Million dollar question: do you have a favorite gingerbread house? Like a pre-bought one? Making one from scratch isn’t in the cards this year (hello nightmare) but I’d like one that is fun and easy for Max and will stay together for a few weeks. We usually do Williams Sonoma but last year it completely failed.