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Happy Saturday! It seems like I haven’t shared a crush post in for.ev.errrr with Thanksgiving and what not. It’s officially the holiday season! I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. I’m listening to Christmas music so much I’m even embarrassed for myself.

What are you guys up to? This morning, we are going to a breakfast at the children’s museum and then headed out on a Christmas house tour later this afternoon. On Sunday, I plan to do some massive prep for someone’s second birthday (probably while bawling my eyes out, you know) and finish some last minute decorating!

p.s. If you’re still in shopping mode, you can find all of my gift guides right HERE! I got a ton of shopping done at the Nordstrom holiday party Thursday night, but still have a little more to do. Goal: stop buying myself things.

favorites of the week:

what to cook in december! i love these seasonal ideas.

we all need 10 minute maple crusted salmon.

a whole roasted cauliflower with fontina cheese sauce. WHOA.

OMG. how cute is this DIY pink gingerbread car?!

so excited about this grapefruit olive oil cake!

spaghetti squash casserole that looks like pure comfort food.

dying to try this decadent vegan mexican hot chocolate.

loving the sound of this smoky eggplant curry dip.

all the wows to this gingerbread coffee cake.

taco stuffed sweet potatoes: yes.

super delicious salted pretzel peppermint bark.

and chocolate crunch peppermint cookies! all over it.