tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. This is 34: I am insanely excited for citrus season.

2. All I want in life is this tiramisu pie though.

3. My major first world problem of the week is that when I order my eggnog latte, I ask for no whip and they say back to me (rather unkindly), “it doesn’t come with whip!” So then I order it regularly, just an eggnog latte, and don’t mention my no whip preference and IT COMES WITH WHIP. Is the universe out to get me?

4. I am absolutely obsessed with Erin’s amazing gift guide! This is SO cool.

5. Riddle me this: why is it so easy for me to buy Christmas decor, but so difficult to buy everyday home decor? It’s because it’s permanent, right?

6. Thoughts on The Affair this week? I hate that they’ve brought someone else into the picture for the episodes – I just want my classic 4! Also I’m convinced that Noah did it to himself. Annnnd thoughts on the Walking Dead? Who is worse… Negan or Denny Duquette?

7. Is my brain really underwhelmed?! It feels constantly overwhelmed!

8. One of my best memories is driving around and looking at Christmas lights as a kid. Do people still do that? We’re totally doing it with Max this year (even though he can barely see lights from the back of his car seat!) and I can’t wait.

9. Last night I had a dream that I waxed off one of my eyebrows. What does it mean? Is it like when you dream that your teeth are falling out? I googled it and the results are not pleasant.