tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Exciting news! I’m participating in the Nicole Culver’s Food Summit again and talking all about photography (and a little video work too). Nicole is holding a FREE blog planning party and I am obsessed with this idea.

2. What do we think about the Pantone color of the year? Greenery? I’m on the fence. Nothing will ever top radiant orchid.

3. How gorgeous is this vegan chocolate peppermint cake?!

4. Very important question. Do you fill out those online surveys from random websites, ones that ask about your shopping experience? I’m a psycho and always do, because I fear that if I don’t, I won’t get the best customer service or something.

5. Please tell me that you have read Bev’s play by play of making DIY snow globes. I died.

6. TV this week was soooo good. The Affair! OMG Pacey yes yes yes. I want that situation to happen so badly. I was sort of “meh” over the finale of Divorce, I wanted it to be funnier or something. The Walking Dead… freaking Daryl. What the heck. He kills me.

7. Last week, I dropped my DSLR on the floor for the first time in seven years. I have NEVER dropped my “good” camera ever – and I didn’t even tell Eddie so now that he is reading right now, he’s probably freaking out. But it magically survived. I, on the other hand, barely did.

8. Tracy’s christmas home decor is out of this world. I need her to come live with me.

9. Going way out of my comfort zone today and vlogging a day in the life for tomorrow’s video. Eeeeep. I love that you guys are loving the 12 days of Christmas!

10. Absolutely LOVING this article on mistakes that first-time entrepreneurs make. So many are so true.