tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I don’t listen to the radio much, but whyyyy must they start playing Christmas music on November 1st only to stop it on December 26?! Can’t they wait until New Years Eve or something?

2. Can’t even get over these adorable peppermint bark cookies. Adding them to my list!

3. Eddie can eat the same food over and over again and for weeks he has been getting these mini donuts as his Saturday night dessert. I’m pretty sure I am now ruined on donuts as I don’t even want to touch them anymore. Whyyyyy.

4. What did you guys think of The Affair?! Oh my gosh – best episode yet this season. Freaking Pacey. Also! I just realized that Nashville will be starting up on CMT in a few weeks. I wonder if it will be as good?

5. I desperately need this unicorn hot chocolate in my life.

6. Christmas falling on the weekend is so depressing, while we’re on the topic of first world problems. I wish it could always fall on a Wednesday. So much time off! I mean, since it’s normal that I still think of my time in school year breaks.

7. I’ve been thinking about something else lately: with all of our technology and kids getting phones at the age of, like, seven, do they google about Santa?

8. Do I really need an instant pot? Tell me the secrets. Because I have no more kitchen space. But they are such a THING right now.

9. Are you already thinking of 2017? Do you make lists of goals? I’m in between wanting to plan for it but wanting to enjoy these last weeks of 2016. I’m going back and forth between making mini plans and immersing myself in the end of 2016.

10. I’m filming a Q+A video, so leave your questions below!