currently crushing on I


Welcome to my first crushes of 2017! It feels like FOR.EV.ER (sandlot style) since I’ve shared a crushing on post… and it has been. Today we’re going to take down our Christmas decor and I am so sad about it – this season was so much fun with Max. I probably haven’t been this sad for the season to end since I was like twelve years old.

But! I’m really looking forward to 2017 and right now I’m knee deep in the photography for my next book. It’s bitter cold here, so tonight I’m thinking lotssss of hot chocolate.

What is happening with you guys?!

So many good things on the internets below:

kristen is doing an AWESOME 365 day challenge to rock your happy. i love this!

snowman affogato! OMG.

this has to be the most stunning winter salmon salad ever.

i’ve always been obsessed with tracy’s organization posts.

red wine hot chocolate blacktap milkshakes. perfect indulgence.

all i need this weekend is a BBQ chicken chopped salad.

slow cooker chicken tortilla soup. it looks so good!

super pretty winter citrus margaritas.

ooooh peas and bacon mac and cheese. i’ll okay the peas here.

these wholesome lentil protein bowls seem like the perfect blend of health and comfort.

craving a pot of this winter vegetable minestrone.

no need to twist my arm for a slice of hazelnut coffee cheesecake.

love the idea of this sweetened black bean dip.