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Happy Saturday!

I couldn’t be more excited that the weekend is here. Last Saturday I ended up with the flu and the whole weekend was a wash. This past week I started photography on my next book and it went so much better than I anticipated! I’ll be hibernating for a few weeks until it’s finished and in the meantime… binging on Gilmore Girls every free second. Oops.

What are you up to this weekend?!

P.S. if you need a weekend snack: brown sugar sesame sriracha popcorn!

favorite links of the week…

WHAT. eggs, bacon, mac and cheese. omg.

this cinnamon roll bundt cake is insane.

this rose and earl grey tea latte is stunning.

almond white chocolate oatmeal. love this.

holy cow i’m craving this butter onion tomato soup.

the most adorable free printable wall calendar.

this vanilla and chocolate marbled cake sounds SO good right now.

how to make naturally dyed linens. these are so pretty.

super delicious blueberry apple crumble bars.

i need alllllll the lemon ginger elixir.

oooh these white chocolate macadamia cookies look so perfect.

sriracha almond butter brussels sprouts! oh yum.

can’t wait for watermelon grilled cheese pizza.