tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Finally a recipe for unicorn hot chocolate! So much better than I could have done.

2. We de-Christmasfied our house this weekend, and it’s the saddest thing ever when Max walks downstairs in the morning and asks for the Christmas trees to be turned on.

3. I had some soft of flu-like thing this weekend and had zero appetite, meaning I haven’t had coffee since Friday morning. That probably contributed to me feeling worse, but now that it’s been out of my system for four days, I sort of want to quit it daily. Even though I only drink one cup a day and love it sooooo much.

4. Can we all just agree that Ryan Gosling’s Golden Globes speech proves that he basically IS his character in the notebook, therefore fulfilling all my hopeless romantic dreams forever?

5. These sneakers are my new seriously obsession.

6. Okay, I can’t even express how much I LOVED Nashville last week! I am so glad it’s back, even though the last two years it’s been on, I’ve been totally “meh” about it. Something about those episodes made me feel like it was the first season again. And The Affair? Eeeep. Helen! Noah! What the heck. I can’t wait for next week based on the previews and… Pacey. Forever Pacey.

7. Very obsessed with this idea: the only 5 email folders your inbox will ever need.

8. Seeing the first preview for Beauty and the Beast got me so excited – it was the first animated Disney movie I was really into as a kid (I know, I know) and the songs just took me back on a wave of nostalgia. Pretty sure I even sang one of the songs for a drama club “audition” when I was 11. You know.

9. Who were your best dressed Golden Globes picks? I loved Kristen Bell, Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Reese and apparently I’m the only one but I really loved Carrie Underwood’s dress.