tt I

1. Desperately craving some of this one pot chicken bacon fettuccini alfredo.

2. Live photos: how do we feel about them? I have a love/hate relationship with them, and when I take them, always get nervous about what I’ve said in the one minute clip. After I send it to someone, of course.

3. It’s been close to ten days since I had coffee with one exception. I tried the cascara latte at Starbucks and it was SO good. Oh my gosh, like so, so good. I’ve made it through the day without having it first thing though, and I’m feeling gooood. And possibly a little zombielike.

4. I looooved this episode of The Affair since there was so much Joshua Jackson in it. I want Allison and him together SO badly. I did watch Homeland and totally hated it. Maybe I need to watch again. Did anyone watch The Young Pope? We have it recorded and are going to watch this week! Also, I’m almost on to season three of Gilmore Girls. GAH.

5. Every year I want to plan a tropical vacation this time of year and I’m so upset that I don’t. Vacations the second or third week of January should be a permanent thing.

6. I’ve successfully stayed out of Target for seventeen days, if only because I’ve been massively busy and/or sick. But just so I don’t forget: 43 thoughts you have in Target.

7. Am I too late to do a post on my word of the year? I mean, it IS the middle of January and you might have made a massive cheesy pizza on Sunday night despite your resolutions. You tell me.

8. Good habits are totally holding me back.