1. Say hello to the most perfect game day sheet pan nachos.

2. My end of January fantasy every year is that we go skiing even though we don’t ski and by skiing, I mean we go to ski lodge and sit by a fire and drink glasses of alcohol while watching skiers outside.

3. Absolutely obsessed with: how to prioritize when everything is important.

4. Considering a chocolate lovers week before Valentine’s Day. In a purely selfish move of course, because I have 27 chocolate recipe ideas and can’t narrow them down.

5. I’ve only been in Target ONCE the entire year! It’s a miracle.

6. What on earth what The Affair finale, aside from being a horrible waste? It was like 45 minutes of nothing. Bah! I also really still can’t get into Homeland. I have a feeling this definitely has something to do with my major Gilmore Girls obsession. It’s the only thing I put on if I turn on any TV so I feel like I’m basically living inside the show.

7. Related: the Gilmore Guys podcast? Worth it? I’m kind of tempted to start listening to it but holy cow, it’s a commitment. Those episodes are loooong.

8. Best dressed SAG awards? I’m going with the Stranger Things cast. And Yara Shahidi. Her dress was so fun! And I weirdly loved Nicole Kidman’s dress but I think it was just the color that sucked me in.

9. What are you making for the super bowl?! All I want is a huge vat of guac.