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HELLO WEEKEND! What are you guys up to? Whatcha got planned?

I want to say that I have a TON of fun stuffed planned, but I totally don’t and most likely, the majority of my Saturday and Sunday are going to be spent working on my book. I’m really far ahead at the moment and in a good groove, so I want to keep it going. Especially since I’ll probably add in a bunch of things last minute before turning it in, in true Jessica fashion.

Have a great one!

P.S. beauty favorites!

P.P.S. ten million recipes to make for the super bowl! In case it’s all about the food. Like it is here.

favorite internet things of this week:

love these hygge rituals.

dying for a plate of pulled pork taquitos.

also: nacho loaded potato skins. i die.

i could get behind this spicy salmon sushirito. doesn’t look as intimidating as i thought.

right up my alley: a DIY inspiration pegboard.

fruity quinoa salad for a taste of summer.

absolutely making these double decker tacos!

and these sweet potato nachos look perfect.

so much yes to caramelized banana, nutella and pecan pancakes.

this creamy potato soup with beer and bacon sounds so comforting.

as does this slow cooker tortellini minestrone.

blood orange vodka sour! i can’t quit the citrus.

i want a no bake skinny blueberry cheesecake parfaits. yes yes.