tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I may be one of the few freaks who looks forward to daylight savings time. I am SO happy that it’s light out again until well into the evening. Makes work so much easier!

2. Speaking of, our snowmageddon forecast was a HUUUUGE bust. Six plus inches turned into a light dusting so I am ready for you, spring. But don’t worry – there wasn’t any bread left at the grocery store last night.

3. How fun is this layered rainbow jello?! Super cute.

4. I know that it’s pi day, but here’s the thing… I have always loathed any and all sort of math and science. In school, they were my worst subjects and I have no interest in them, therefore I could just never get into pi day. I was reading and writing all the day. Except nowm for the actual PIE. 

5. It’s official: I can’t stop listening to the Missing: Richard Simmons podcast. Um, it is SO good.

6. Um HOMELAND!! Holy cow, how incredible was that episode? I also am still really loving Billions. And Big Little Lies! Even Eddie is into it now, and it’s fun watching it with him since he hasn’t read the book. GIRLS? Ugh! Elijah killed me and broke my heart.

7. What do writers do when they write? Absolutely love this.

8. What was your favorite childhood cereal? Mine was Oh’s! which I can still find at Target and also Oatmeal Crisp – the almond version. And of course, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but I didn’t have it everyday. I want a cereal bar in my own house.

9. Oh my gosh. 100 90s kids memes. True life: I still doodle #31 on everything.