tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Nothing makes me more excited than neon chalk being in the rotation for playtime.

2. How perfect do these whole wheat zucchini muffins look?! Craving them bigtime today.

3. Who else remembers loving this time back in the 90s because MTV’s Spring Break was on for a week straight? Gosh that was probably the worst thing I could have watched as a tween.

4. So.Much.TV.talk. Okay! Homeland? Killing it. The storyline with Carrie and her daughter kill me. Saul kills me. Ugh! If you are an Elijah lover on GIRLS like I am, then you probably agree that this was the best episode EVER. Yes, apparently I’m pro-GIRLS now that it’s coming to an end. Still watching Billions, Big Little Lies and The Walking Dead (with my hands covering my face). Oh and also, sometimes I’ll watch Grey’s as background noise while editing photos and I’m still convinced they are leading to a Meredith-Alex hookup. And I love that The Catch is back on! It’s so fun.

5. What do you guys think about the Love Actually mini film?!

6. With just one weekend of super perfect weather, I’m reading to start planting flowers and herbs for the year! Totally bummed that I technically probably should wait at LEAST another month (or two – let’s be real), but I’ve got the itch.

7. Who has a killer playlist on spotify right now? I’m in the midst of creating a new one, but desperately need some music inspo.

8. For some reason, this whole hand salad thing makes me laugh out loud. I need to get out more.