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We are alive! We survived five days of the kitchen remodel so far, with only a few tantrums (the culprit shall remain nameless). I actually feel MORE inspired to cook right now because I have to be creative. It’s weird. Anyhoo, I’m still writing my book and we will just be dodging renovations. I’m dreaming of the scene above. WHY DON’T I REMEMBER TO MAKE SPRING BREAK A THING?

Guys! Remember! Two weeks from now is my meetup with MacKenzie Childs in NYC. April 22!

Internet faves of the week:

the loveliest musings and ramblings. i get this.

i’ve been craving this all week: baked ziti with creme fraiche.

and i must try the best cinnamon rolls ever.

a big hazelnut and almond flour cookie cake! so pretty.

grilled chimichurri chicken salad. salad of my dreams!

look at these nutella thumbprints with caramel filling. eeeeep.

all you need to know: what to cook in april.

this strawberry rhubarb oatmeal looks perfect for spring.

skinny sweet and sour blood orange chicken stir fry. oh YES!

rose lassi? gorgeous.

how decadent is this vegan chocolate banana bread? whoa.

high plains margarita. gimme!

i die. cadbury mini egg skillet cookie? i’d eat the entire thing.

blackened cajun shrimp tacos. i’ll take ’em.