tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. We survived the first day of our kitchen remodel! Totally not terrible yet. We did so with burgers on the grill, grilled veggies annnnd some annie’s mac and cheese. I’ve been worried because, you know, Eddie doesn’t consider cereal to be dinner. Hello. I do. Always.

2. How freaking fantastic does this Detroit style pizza look?!

3. I’m totally not a fan of April Fools (see also: I’m no fun and also don’t care about Halloween) but am curious about what the worst way you’ve been fooled is?! The first year Eddie and I were married, my brother’s convinced me that one of them had been arrested and it got me for a good 18 hours before I realized it was April 1.

4. However, I do love Easter and want to know how to make super fun tie dye, marble-like eggs. Teach me the ways!

5. If you want to feel super old. I think #26 got me the most. Also, pogs should have made the list.

6. Okay, I’m dying to know what you thought about this episode of GIRLS? I loved it. Also, if you watched the inside the episode after, it tells you everything so we know exactly what it means! Also loved Homeland. If Rupert Friend doesn’t get an award for his acting… I mean. Also loved Billions. And Walking Dead. And Big Little Lies. Eeeep. I might have loved it as much as the book even with the few changes.

7. The Victoria Beckham release at Target this weekend… yes? No? Should I be waiting at the door at 8am with bells on?

8. It’s sort of like real life The Notebook. Tears.

9. My life is complete because Max FINALLY likes mac and cheese. He hasn’t been interested in it until now. And the best part is that he calls it “max’s cheese.” I die.