tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. We are in the seven stages of grief with the kitchen remodel but I’m not sure which stage I’m in. Last week Eddie was in meltdown mode. This week I’m in meltdown mode. It’s so much fun! Not.

2. The cutest idea of an easter “fried egg” pavlova. Adorable!

3. Max had his first froyo this weekend (like, his “own” bowl) and it was probably one of the most fun experiences we’ve had. It took him about 45 minutes to eat this tiny bowl and he enjoyed every bite. The place had a “faux” Dole whip which is what I got and it was SO good.

4. Waiting eagerly to dye Easter eggs this week as it is one of my favorite spring activities to do. We use old school Paas and let them soak forEVER, like 30+ minutes sometimes to get wild neon colors. My mom used to stay up half the night and finish dyeing the eggs since we would inevitably bow out from exhaustion.

5. I wasn’t even aware that millenial pink was a thing. I’ve loved that color family my entire life, which I’m sure comes as a major shock to you.

6. OH MY GOSH Homeland. I’m clearly heartbroken over the finale but also totally get it because I understand why it happened. Still. WAH. Also, GIRLS. Oh my gosh, that episode was so good. I can’t believe how I went from liking most of the girls and not being able to stand Hannah for most of the series to disliking all of the girls EXCEPT for Hannah at the end of the season! Crazy. Also, how freaking good are Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti in character together in Billions? I love their face off scenes.

7. Worst nightmare ever. Seriously. How can I ever eat salad again.

8. My cousin Lacy send me this article last week and holy cow, was it written about my life? Also, trust me, it’s just as horrifying to me that at this age, I still can’t clean up after myself like an adult. WHY YOUR ROOM IS MESSY.