Happy Mother’s Day weekend! We have a packed weekend with family things, some work (kitchen still isn’t done so squeezing it in when I can!) and… reading over my manuscript one more time before hitting SEND. Eeeep.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Faves of the week:

ohhhh my. tres leches liege waffles!

also how incredible is this waffle feast?

this stunning rosewater cream pavlova.

one pot spring pasta!

loving these fresh huevos rancheros.

cinnamon hazelnut chocolate chunk muffins, yessss.

verrrry interested in trying this pink moon milk.

a puff pastry quiche?! my dream.

how cool is this savory granola?

this sparkling cucumber basil lemonade is awesome.

hummus with a soft boiled egg. i’ll take it.

holy cow. this philly cheesesteak.