tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m having these totally weird moments of wanting to put blond back into my hair. Noooooooooo.

2. We spent all weekend outside planting, doing yard work, putting together furniture (<-Eddie) and I’m still feeling it! It’s a sign that I must be old. But in the meantime, should I do a little post on all the stuff I planted? Herbs, flowers, etc? Maybe just an insta stories tour.

3. Yes please donut-glazed yeasted waffles. Best breakfast ever!

4. In true fairweather fan fashion, I watched the Grey’s Anatomy finale last week because it’s always so crazy. It was crazy, but not as crazy as usual? Like it didn’t end on some insane cliffhanger. Still convinced this sets up the Meredith + Alex connection for the end of the series… at some point.

5. Inside the unicorn economy. Crazzzzzy.

6. Today we created the most epic s’mores bar everrrr. Sneak peek on my insta stories!

7. Currently reading The Forever Summer. It’s cute! This is my favvvorite season to read.

8. My voice is still nonexistent after week three with a bad cold/sinus infection. While I feel generally better, my voice is still SO hoarse! Has this ever happened to you? Not sure what to do about it since not speaking isn’t an option when I’m with a toddler all day. Who lovingly asks 45 billion questions.

9. I am so, so, so excited for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. So many fun plans! What is on your menu?