tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Seriously wondering whyyyy do shorter weeks always feel like they last the longest?

2. I can’t even get over this giant lilac strawberry shortcake. It’s so pretty.

3. My obsession with strawberries is OVER the top. I ate so many on Saturday that my mouth actually hurt. Ooomph.

4. I realize that I’m irrationally emotional at this stage in my life, but these elephants running to greet a rescued baby elephant? I just cannot. This might be the most embarrassing thing I’ve cried at in the last four months.

5. TV! House of Cards starting today means I’ll probably get no sleep, but much MORE importantly, Bloodline! We have only watched three episodes so far, and I felt like the first was somewhat slow (but necessary), but episodes two and three got me. These characters are just SO good and I’m hoping Danny makes another ghostly appearance. Also, let’s be real: can Kyle Chandler BE any hotter?!

6. It’s okay if I’m up all night though, because every year at this time we live in a house where hockey rules our lives and the games are on SO late. Eddie survives on less sleep than me and isn’t even mad about it.

7. Finding a minute of mindfulness anywhere. Gosh, I wish I could do this but it seems completely impossible to me.

8. We’re heading on our usual family vacation later this month, but in the meantime I’m trying to find a fun little getaway (read: a babymoon + Max) for later this summer. Like three or four days. Give me your recs!

9. Guess what’s coming later this week?! Perhaps my most requested post of the month: my summer reading list! Eeep. So excited to share.