1. Last week I started to google “how to…” and the first result that populated in google before I continued my sentence was “how to write a check.” I admittedly write very few checks so I get it. But funny.

2. UM >>> mini vegan s’mores cheesecakes! The cutest that I need.

3. Not going to happen this summer with a bun in the oven, but I really just want one of the Body Glove one piece swimsuits. Um, hello 1995. May as well throw a b.u.m. equipment sweatshirt over it while I’m at it.

4. I get weirdly emotional at sports teams winning the championship game, so couldn’t contain myself from bawling my eyes out when the Pens won the Stanley Cup. I feel this way with other teams, it’s not just in my own city! For as little as I actually care about the full season (I’ve grown more and more bored of sporting events as I’ve aged, I’m super fun), the ending always gets me. P.S. for my entire life if you’ve asked me the one person I’d want to have dinner with it’s always been Mario Lemieux. Fun fact.

5. SO. The only real TV I need to discuss this week is that I did finish Bloodline. WTF. The ending was so… ugh. That second to last episode was such a waste. I still liked this season, but only the middle episodes. Still so bummed this was cancelled and we didn’t get to continue. Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn are unreeeeeal. I did start Orange is the New Black and like usual, it’s taking me forever to get into it.

6. I absolutely love this: why I take the same vacation every year. Same goes for us, just in a different location! We want to go other places but Eddie has limited vacation and we can’t help but love where we go every year. Who’s with me?!

7. Speaking of that, I’m currently trying to decide if I should vlog while we are on vacation. Last year we did a quick video compilation because it was just the three of us and basically impossible to commit to serious vlogging with a one-year old. But this year, most of my family is going and I probably will have a better shot. DECISIONS! I love having the video diary for… well, myself.

8. Apple watch! Do you have one? Love or hate it?

9. Super excited that Elin Hilderbrand’s newest comes out today so that’s what I’m currently reading. What about you?