tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Seriously craving these coconut oatmeal chocolate bars.

2. Yesterday I drove through my neighborhood and realized that I had pulled out of the garage with my phone ON my car. I found it in the middle of the road, no cracks at all – and it was pouring rain! If you’re wondering if that iPhone 7 is water resistant…

3. UM. My life was made last week when I finally got to meet Elin Hilderbrand! Even though I developed those recipes for her book last year, we still hadn’t met in person. I freaked out like the biggest fan girl to ever exist.

4. Thoughts on Orange is the New Black this season? I’m on episode 7. I’m still having a hard time getting into it (a lot of it feels like one BIG episode, not seven?) but it’s getting better. I do love that they are tackling real world issues. I think I’m in overdrive because all my favorite Netflix shoes released at once.

5. The worst damage for me is done in Sephora when I’m with someone else and this weekend was no exception when my cousin Lacy and I went in. I walked out with TWO palettes even though I don’t need any palettes. Worst example ever. My face is going to be one huge glitter bomb because I think I’m still 17.

6. I also bit the bullet and ordered a pair of the Sperry seaside slip ons. I’m afraid I’m going to loathe them even though I love them on everyone else.

7. We took Max to see Cars 3 on Friday (because he is obsessed with all things Lightning McQueen!) and while we loved the movie, I sort of hated the ending because it basically said hey, you get old and all the new, young people come take your place and are a lot better, so just go ahead and retire! That’s just life. Made me feel like a grandma.

8. Didn’t even know that new emojis are coming!