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HI! Happy serious summertime! I mean, here we are. In the THICK of it. I’m loving it.

What are you guys up to this weekend?! We have a birthday party and some other fun things on the agenda. Hopefully some swim! Max is a little fish these days.

I shared a TON over on crumbs this week! My june beauty favorites, june lifestyle favorites and the first photo diary of our vacation last week. Later this week, I’m sharing a pregnancy update on the baby page!

Favorites this week from around the web: 

majorly craving this frozen mint lemonade.

creating healthy eating habits. i love tracy so much.

whoa whoa whoa! cheesy savory oatmeal. can you do it?!

how stunning are these nectarine chili mojitos?

this coconut cashew kale salad is right up my alley.

how to host the most epic pizza party. i’m game.

small batch cheesecake that looks insaaane.

love the idea of lavender bedtime milk. basically obsessed.

mini skillet chocolate chip cookies. not hating this at all.

have you even tried a sabich? i want to.

helllo classic shrimp macaroni salad.

crazy amazing: strawberry black peppercorn italian cream sodas.