tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These were croissants spun into cinnamon rolls! MIND BLOWN.

2. Also please die over this peach galette with me that has a baklava filling. Whaaaaat.

3. While the croissant buns were amazing, as I bit down into one I chipped a tooth! I feel like this officially puts me in old people status right now. Also, on a croissant?! How? 

4. This past weekend started the Ulta 21 days of beauty! I haven’t been interested in it the last couple times because it seems like since they started doing it over and over again (as opposed to once a year or whatever), the deals aren’t as good. But this time, I’m excited for a few different days. Have you looked?!

5. A few days ago I ran to Whole Foods and I think my bill actually WAS lower than it normally would have been! I bought ten million figs and pomegranates because I’ve been on the lookout. I mean that’s not ALL I bought, but I usually hold my breath while checking out. Thanks to amazon? Is amazon going to take over the world?

6. I did it! Officially did some decorating for fall this past weekend. Only because I feel crunched for time. Oh and I also had a pumpkin spice latte (which I don’t even really like because dunkin pumpkin > starbucks pumpkin, so I crossed all the basic bitch things off my list that I could. What store has your favorite fall decor at the moment? I want to say homegoods, but hate that each store has different stuff.

7. Right now I feel like a legit crazy person because my nesting is still out of control. I did not feel this way the first time around. I basically want to buy every single thing for our house because it’s still mostly unfurnished three years later (does this give you anxiety?), barely anything is hanging on the walls and I’m like it HAS TO GET DONE NOW. I’m not being dumb and doing it all now, but I also want to get rid of pretty much everything we own.

8. Loving these ways to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind.