tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Love this post on a year of transformation. It’s so true that “easy” is not where we grow.

2. Does anyone know what the little pumpkin stem plants are that you can put in vases – like the ones above? Trader Joes usually has them but I find that when I buy them, they rot fairly quickly. Can one grow them?

3. How stunning is this one bowl pumpkin zucchini cake?! Wowza.

4. This past weekend I had dreams that I gave birth to both a girl and then a boy! Two separate nights. Whaaaaat does this mean.

5. As I’m in crazy full nesting mode, I’ve kind of been finishing up furnishing our dining room and I want to be one of those people who has a pretty SET dining room table year round, especially since it’s not the one we eat on daily. This is an impossible thing to do though, right? Is it even realistic?

6. Super excited that today Elin Hilderbrand’s new book comes out (the last in the series!) and while I’m dying to read it and normally would read it by tomorrow, I think I might save it until the baby comes. Not sure I can wait!

7. OMG, new TV is back! Wahoo! I feel like there has been nothing on for five months. So, first, This Is Us. Ahhhh it broke me! The ending… oh man. I just cannot handle it. Also, I really loved the Grey’s Anatomy episode. How is this show even still on? I tend to loathe the show until the season finale but I was into it last Thursday. Perhaps I’m preparing for my hibernation period once the baby comes. When Max was born I binged on Parenthood, so I definitely need something new.

8. Speaking of, I love this list of 92 things to see, hear and read this October.

9. If we must use the Target self checkout, how about they stop standing over my shoulder and asking me about a credit card then? #thanks