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All the things I’ve been loving in these holiday weeks! xo

Vineyard Vines Jolly Plaid Cape. This is my favorite thing of all of December! I saw this before Christmas but it was ridiculously priced. The day after Christmas it was already marked down and with other sales and exchanges, I got it for under $100. It is SO thick, warm, amazing quality and just gorgeous for the holiday season! I’ve lived in it all week. It’s one of those pieces that I feel like I’ll have forever.

Sequin Palette Mini Skirt. So in the most depressing new ever, this was my Christmas Eve outfit and since I got sick, I didn’t get to wear it. But! I’ve had this skirt since early November and am OBSESSED. It is extremely fragile and not the best choice to wear with kids but for a special occasion or whatnot, it’s amazing.

Trader Joe’s Goat Cheese Medallions. These are a new-to-me product and I can’t get enough. I love these for a snack with the pita crackers from Trader Joe’s. I just wish they didn’t have so many peppercorns! Not a fan of those.

Nest Birchwood Pine Candle. This is something I’ve talked into the ground, but I love burning this through January because it smells like winter. It’s my favorite candle for the cold months. If you know of a local boutique that sells Nest, they probably will have this on sale now!

The Nourished Planner. Last year I first told you all about this planner and how wonderful it is. It’s a project done by my friend Heidi (who is also wonderful!) and spot on. I’m still deciding how I will be planning this year, but I’ve been mapping everything out in my 2018 version of this and will definitely be using it in some capacity!

Sorel Boots. Last year after Christmas I bought these boots on sale but maybe only wore them once or twice. Well! I have been LIVING in them this year. I love that they give me height but there is so much tread on the bottom that I won’t fall. They are also really comfortable! I’ve worn them all day long to shop. I don’t think they are the cutest things ever, but for icky slush and snow weather, they are great.

Felt Letter Board. I bought one of these on Cyber Monday sale and got my sister-in-law one for Christmas. I know it’s super trendy, but I love it! It’s so fun and Max really loves it too. This one appears to be sold out now but there are a ton here.

Target Backless Loafer Mules. I know. I’m a broken record. But I’ve lived in these nonstop. NONSTOP. They are practically destroyed by now and I definitely got a ton of use out of them. Really wish I could have got my hands on the blush ones for early spring!

Teavana White Chocolate Peppermint Tea. I discovered this tea last year and if you remember, I really loathe tea. It tastes like dirty water. But this! It’s delicious and wonderful and warming and perfect. I bought more this year and just love it so much. It can almost take the place of a dessert for me which is unheard of.

DKNY V Neck Sleep Shirt. I got my first one of these when Max was born and bought another with Emilia. These are SO silky soft, stretchy and incredible. Earlier this year I talked about GAP body and while I still really love that (and their material!), the v-neck here is perfect for nursing. I actually prefer this over something with buttons because the buttons can be uncomfortable when sleeping. And I never sleep in anything long-sleeved. I’d die.

Leslie Odom Jr Simply Christmas. It’s a little late to be mentioning this now, but this album was on repeat all month. Put it on your list for next year! So, so, so good. I even scoured the ends of the earth (barnes and noble, FTW) to find the actual CD to give to my mom.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. i purchased everything myself unless it was a gift from a family member or friend. tell me your faves! there may be a few affiliate links above. xoxoxo.]