Happy six weeks to this little unicorn!

emilia at 6 weeks I howsweeteats.com

As we round the six week corner, it’s amazing to watch Emilia turning into a little PERSON. She’s not so much just a squishy babe anymore.

Ugh, I just love her so much. Her cheeks are getting chubby and she has this personality and she has started smiling so much I can’t even stand it.

She is still the sleepiest bug. I’m sure in reality she doesn’t sleep THAT much, it’s just that Max trained me to live on zero sleep, so it feels like so much. I am rarely tired until around 4PM and then again late at night, but it’s nothing like how exhausted I was with Max 24/7 for well over a year. Emilia is sleeping for around five hours at night right now and that feels like a lifetime. Occasionally it’s shorter, but that’s not even bad. Maybe I just got reeeeeallly used to very little sleep?

Still eating like a champ too! And putting on weight. I think she might actually pass up Max eventually… bahahaha. Nursing is going really well, but I think that probably HAS to do with the fact that it had been just less than a year since I’d stopped nursing Max. Like my body just remembered or something. Is that a thing?

I love how when she wakes up, it takes her like a legit five minutes to wake up. It’s like she just can’t even stand the universe. She stretches and coos and yawns and twists for what seems like an hour and it’s SO ADORABLE OMG.

emilia at 6 weeks I howsweeteats.com

The truth is that things are SO good right now. Life is so good right now. Yes, it’s hard as hell. Yes, today I had to just put us all in the car and drive over to my mom’s for a change of scenery for an hour (thank god she is so close!). Yes I occasionally mourn how easy it was for Max and I to run around (much like how I was freaked about how easily I ran around by myself before he was born), but at the same time, I love these moments. I’m doing every single thing I can to soak them up.

Even though! Most nights I feel like I didn’t get to soak Emilia up at all, because the day is such a whirlwind with Max running around. I really do have that feeling like there isn’t enough of me and that I wish I could clone myself.

But man. Just having them both here. Every day I look at them both, one in each arm, and just feel so LUCKY. It’s like I can already feel every moment right now that I will miss in 20 years. It’s weird! It’s nothing like I imagined. It’s amazing. I feel so lucky that I can stay here with them and I will gladly work well into the night (maybe with a complaint or two… ) so I can spend the hours in the day with them.

Never did I ever think I’d be this over the moon about having kids!

Just don’t ask me to do bedtime for both right now. PETRIFIED of that, omg.

emilia at 6 weeks I howsweeteats.com

Hmmm, what else.

I know that I’m a total broken record (Eddie let me know the other night that I keep repeating myself in my blog posts – SORRY!), but time is just going so fast that I’m scared. Like SO fast. Faster than ever before. Faster than it did with Max.

And I guess I was foolish in thinking that this time off that I took would be just like it was when I had Max. I knew that it wouldn’t, that I’d have a toddler running around, but I am sad that I don’t get to hold Emilia all day long on the couch like I did with Max three years ago at this exact time.

At the same time, I sort of love that almost right away we had to get back to our normal life and regular (or new) routine. While I’m still semi-dreading some of the work I have to start again soon (whyyy has this time gone so fast?!), it won’t be a huge shock to the system like it was after I had Max.

Speaking of Max, is this not his twin down below? Seriously… identical!

emilia at 6 weeks I howsweeteats.com

Some fun facts! I know that I kept saying that I was shocked that I had a girl. I mean, I totally was. But I forgot that in the summer, I called my mom and said that the only reason I feel like this might be a girl is because the baby felt SO high up. Like I was carrying her super high – it felt like she was sitting on on my chest and neck! And isn’t one of the wives tales about carrying high with girls and low with boys?

On the flip side, while I was pregnant, her heart rate was low at every appointment (like 135) and it was about the same that Max’s was the entire pregnancy, so I just assumed BOY.

And finally, the Chinese gender predictor was right with both Max and Emilia! It said Max would be a boy and Emilia would be a girl. It was wrong for my sister-in-law this past summer though.

emilia at 6 weeks I howsweeteats.com

The best part of this whole situation is how obsessed Max is with her. It melts my freaking heart. I wish you could see it! xo